Remote Bank Setup
Are you interested in opening a Single or Joint bank account?
What is your purpose for opening a bank account in Portugal?
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Must match your passport
Given Names
Must exactly match name on passport. Dont forget your middle name :)
Marital Status
Mobile Number
Once your account is open, you will receive your online access code at this phone number. Please use the full international format which includes a plus sign (+) followed by the country code, area code, and phone number.
Portugal NIF Document (upload)
A high-quality, scanned image or photo of the NIF.
Passport (upload)
A high-quality, scanned image or photo of the passport.
Proof of Address
Drivers license (both front and back) or First page of bank statement or Utility bill
Tax number in your country of residence
What is your employment status?
Proof of Employment
A document that serves as proof of your employment (PDF)
What is your occupation?
If retired, what was your former occupation?
We are charging a one-time fee of $350 USD to set up your Portuguese bank account with Millennium BCP. The bank has a monthly fee of 15 euros.
I agree to the payment terms stated above
Billing Country
Country where your credit/debit card was issued. If VAT is required in your country, the price will be automatically updated.