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Our services
  • Consultation with lawyer
    In a personal consultation, a lawyer will be able to analyze all your documents and advise on the best course of action.
  • Certification and Translation
    Our translation department is proficient in over 12 languages.
  • IRS and other accounting services
    Our professionals will help you fill out a tax return of any complexity.
  • Family reunion
    Our professionals will analyze your documents and monitor the entire process of your family reunification, from the first step to completion.
  • Wedding
    Our lawyer will prepare all the necessary documents, arrange your wedding date at the Registry. There is also the possibility of marriage by proxy.
  • Divorce
    We will analyze your case and define the best strategy to defend your interest.
  • Opening a Company
    We monitor the process of opening a company with the IRN. It is also possible to do this by proxy.
  • Citizenship
    We make your citizenship application and monitor the entire process until the award.
  • Opening the bank account
    Monitor the opening of a debit account or investor account, with or without your physical presence.