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Temporary and Permanent Residence Permit in Portugal
Pensioners from the Russian Federation and CIS countries
  • 1
    Pensioners from the Russian Federation and CIS countries
    You can reach retirement age in a prosperous country where life expectancy is over 80 years.
  • 2
    People under retirement age
    If you have already received dividends, stock income or interest from a bank deposit, then the program is for you
Advantages of Portugal
for retirees
  • Climate and ecology
    300 dias de sol por ano, clima ameno, água limpa, falta de calor sufocante no verão e inverno frio. E também Portugal está entre os 20 melhores países do mundo em termos de condições ambientais.
  • Acceptable tax regime
    Special taxation regime that provides for a fixed rate of 20% on income received in Portugal and 0% on income received outside Portugal, including pensions and other types of passive income.
  • High level of health care
    Portugal has a large number of public and private clinics with modern equipment and highly qualified doctors. In terms of medicine, the country is among the top 30 countries in the world. Health insurance is also developed here, which allows you to save significant funds on health care.
  • home security
    Portugal is a very safe country. In 2019, it ranked 3rd in the world in home security.
  • Low cost of real estate and utilities.
    The cost of living in Portugal is comparable to the cost of living in Moscow, and even lower across the regions.
    Public services for the price are comparable to Moscow. Property in this EU country can be purchased from 50,000 euros.
  • Fresh food
    In Portugal, the practice is widespread: seafood is served on the shelves within 24 hours, for example, fish from the Azores, fruits and vegetables are always fresh and of great variety. In addition, the country occupies a leading position in winemaking. Wine is cheap and of high quality.
What documents are required for a residence permit for retirees?
  • From the country of origin:
    -Pensioner ID
    -Pension certificate
    -Certificate of good conduct
  • From Portugal:
    -Portuguese bank statement
    -Long-term contract for rental or purchase of real estate
Our services
1-2 months
1-2 months
Preparing the Basics for an Immigrant Visa
In Portugal:
- obtaining a tax number
- open a bank account
-search and confirmation of place of residence in Portugal,
long-term purchase or lease of immovable property.
2 months
2 months
Contact the Consulate of Portugal
In the territory of the country of permanent residence
- presentation of a set of collected documents
- getting the "D7" immigration visa
2-4 months
2-4 months
Registration and submission of documents to the migration service
In the territory of Portugal
- the card is sent by post to the address of the place of residence in Portugal
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