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Advantages of StartUp Visa
in Portugal
  • Comfortable environment
    The Portuguese government creates a comfortable environment for starting and running a business. The country ranks among the leaders in ease of registration and, according to the World Bank's 2019 Doing Business ranking, was ranked 25th out of 190 countries in attractiveness to do business.
  • Tax regime
    Preferential tax regimes. Thus, certain services (eg hotels or food production) are subject to a preferential VAT rate of 6%
  • Citizenship by time
    5 years after obtaining the first residence permit in Portugal, you can apply for permanent residence and citizenship, as long as the conditions of the residence permit are met.
  • Recruitment
    There are no requirements for recruiting Portuguese residents to work in the company - both as employees and founders. Foreign citizens may be eligible to work in Portugal.
  • Business environment
    A clear and transparent business environment, strict compliance with legislation, a low level of corruption - factors that also make Portugal one of the most attractive countries for entrepreneurs.
  • Possibility to travel
    The possibility of traveling to European countries that are part of the Schengen area, without a visa or any other documents.
  • 1
    Who can apply to participate in the program?
    Entrepreneurs from all over the world who want and are ready to open an innovative company in Portugal can participate in the program. Of course, you can start a new company or transfer an existing one without participating in the "initial visa" program, but participating in it guarantees faster access to a visa/residence permit, among other benefits.
  • 2
    What are the selection criteria for participants?
    To participate in the program, foreign entrepreneurs must meet the following criteria:
    It intends to create and develop business activities for the production of innovative goods and services
    You want to open a new company or relocate an existing one, with a focus on knowledge and technology, with the perspective of developing and producing innovative products. It must have the potential to create qualified jobs
    It must have the potential to reach, 5 years after the incubation period, a turnover in excess of 325,000 euros per year and/or have an equity value greater than this amount
    You can find up-to-date information and conditions for participating in the Startup visa program directly on the IAPMEI website
Submitting and reviewing your application online
Obtaining a residence permit by
StartUP Visa
Step-by-step procedure to obtain StartUp Visa and Residence Card in Portugal
1 Step
1 Step
Filling in an online form with a detailed description of the project
Documents must be attached (for each individual person participating in the project), indicated above.
2 Step
2 Step
Sending requests to startup incubators
The entrepreneur must submit a request to one or more incubators, which will evaluate the project taking into account the criteria we wrote above.
3 Step
3 Step
Receiving a positive response from the incubator
To move to the next stage, the entrepreneur must receive a positive response from at least one startup incubator.
4 Step
4 Step
Complete the online application form on the portal and submit it for evaluation by the IAPMEI Institute
The decision after submission of the final application must be made within 30 working days. You can always follow the process in your account on the same online platform where you left the app. And now, after this period, he received the coveted positive response from IAPMEI: his request to participate in the Startup visa program was approved
1 Step
1 Step
Signing of an incubator contract
In your online account, you must make the selected incubator available in order to conclude an agreement on the platform by selecting the item "Incubation orders / Incubation contracts" in the menu. Then, incubators must accept the application and upload the contract signed to the platform within 5 working days. After this procedure, entrepreneurs gain access to the Declaration of Admission to the Startup Visa program. This document will be useful for you to apply for a visa and/or residence permit.
2 Step
2 Step
Presentation of documents to obtain a visa to the consulate of the place of residence
Once you have received the Declaration of Admission to the Startup visa program, you must go to the Portuguese consulate in your place of residence to apply for the visa. This visa is valid for 2 entries and entitles you to a stay in Portugal for 4 months.
Typically, the time to make a decision on an application for a resident visa is 30 to 60 days. The specific terms, as well as the list of required documents, are best explained directly at the consulate of the country in which you live.
3 Step
3 Step
Obtaining a residence permit in Portugal
After receiving a Startup visa at the Portuguese consulate in your country, you can freely enter the territory of Portugal and make an appointment with the SEF to obtain a residence permit. The deadline for obtaining a residence permit will depend on when you can make an appointment with the migration service, but if you make an appointment in advance then, in theory, you can get a residence permit within 1 month. And after that, you will have the right to transport your family (spouse and children), making use of the right of assembly.
Post-immigration support
After the first year. Extension of residence permit, registration of a two-year residence permit
After the third year. Extension of the temporary residence permit for two years.
After the fifth year. Registration of a permanent residence permit, permanent residence.
In parallel with the registration of permanent residence, preparation and presentation of documents of Portuguese citizenship.
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